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25 May 2012 @ 10:43 pm
Underworld: Awakening
Rating: You're joking right? Why would I rate something not worthy of the 70 million blown on it?
Oh how this movie had so many issues.  What the hell was up with all the damn crappy CGI? I mean seriously? Moving onto  the opening scene where Micheal and Selene have their last meeting till twelve years later. The moment I saw his change I was like ? That was the crappiest CGI lycan change I've ever seen. I mean come on? The last three Underworld movies were kick ass and made you fall in love with their (director/screen writers) vision of how their hybrids go through their change. Fast forwarding later to the movie, even the sucky ass lycans there could at least change like they are supposed too. Now, going back, the next terrible thing about the movie is that we see now that we have a better look at her. We see a very - I mean oh my god way to fucking - small Kate Beckinsale. She looked so sickly and not like the normal Selene that I've seen in the past movies. I have nothing against toothpick girls but Beckinsale was sickeningly too small. Next we go through all this damn action and lack of dialogue. In this installment there was just too much left out. Also, which this is funny, about 75% through the movie (if you downloaded from iTunes) in the scene in which Subject 2 has been locked inside of the room by the lycans at Antigen two lovely words cross the bottom of the screen in the subtitles saying "Eve growls".  At first I was like....hmmm....okay maybe Selene will finally give the girl a name. But nope! Throughout the movie she addresses her daughter as her, girl, or subject 2. I mean really? Only those subtitles and credits state India Eisley's character as Eve. Which upset me. Also! Micheal? What the hell? When has that guy ever not known where Selene was? He could sense the lycans before? Why not now and follow them to Selene like in the other two movies? Also, it seems the writers seem to have forgotten their own lore about their lycans and vampires. Since when, mentioning a scene in the movie were the vampires confuse a pack of lycans for humans, did vampires not sense lycans? I mean it is inbred into them just as lycans can sense vampires. Also with the lack of death by lycans. Clearly from later on you learn only two of the werewolves were infected with Eve's blood. So why didn't all the other ones go down with silver? I know that the movie says they have been modified but what about near the end. Like in the other movies almost all of them dropped from one shot from a silver bullet. Where did Selene learn to kickstart dead vamps that had been bitten by lycans? So many unanswered questions! I love this series and I will continue to watch the next installments but this movie needed so much more.
College Graduation
I am so excited about my graduation! I can't wait to walk across the stage! My whole family will be there  After my momma I will be the only one who has graduated from college in my family! I totally love it! I wish my stepmom and siblings could be here for this one but they live away from me and are still in school. :sad: but I know that they will be here for my next degree's graduation!
Oh please! Keep me in your thoughts! I might be getting a really good job next week! If I do. I will be able to make bills meet and get a new car  hopefully I can take up to my dad's for his wedding!
Oh yes! I am back! I plan on having three done this summer! I will do more as I get my job. Also I am work on Hell's Children so there will more commissions for them than anything this year!
03 January 2012 @ 06:48 pm
Wow, another year has passed us by. I am so blessed to have visited my dad up in Virginia. Where he lives I hope to be living here permanently by the time that the year ends. I have so much that I want to do. So, I thought that I would share my new year resolutions. :) Well here they are:

1) I would to complete my revision/editing of Hell's Children Part 1.
2) Complete chapters 8 - 14 of Hell's Children.
3) Begin writing my angelic story, Die Maskerade this year.The estimated beginning of this would be February.
4) I would like to learn how to cook better meals so that I can be more healthy.
5) This year I would like to loose fifty pounds. To help me accomplish this goal, my bestie,  is going to join me at Anytime Fitness. So she can accomplish her own set goals.
6) To not worry as much. This one is diffcult for me because I am a natural worry-wart. 
7) I'd like to make more friends. :3 I think that would definately make this year totally worth it!
8) Try and make sure that this semester with all the six classes I have to take try and make sure that the class grades are no lower than a B. 
9) Remember that we only have one life to live. That letting things pass by or not doing them isn't right. Cause we are not promised the next breath we take!
10)  Take at least 10 pictures a month. I made this resolution because last week my cousin passed away and I was asked to make his Tribute video for the family. They did not have many pictures of him. So, if something was to happen to anyone that I care for I would love to have as many images as possible! 
Thanks for reading my 2012 resoultions! I hope that all of you accomplish yours!
With love,

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20 October 2011 @ 04:02 pm

Once again I have found myself slacking on updating the information on this site! But it will get better. My main focus has been my Yuuram fanfic and Kayde's birthday gift which is a crack fic between Naru and Kiru. If you choose to read it, I'll be adding it to my fanfiction section soon. Not tonight, Kiru is glaring at me for not writing the chapter I promised KD tonight. :o See what he doesn't know is that Naru is gonna be here soon and well there's my inspiration for the chapter. Until i get this wonderful fic on here please check out my graphics section for my forums sets which are avatars with matching signatures. I've added a Sailor Moon and Vampire Knight one :3 The weather has been cold chilly and crazy >> This is October where is my falling leaves. All I have had for the last two days is rain but whatever I am glad we are getting rain before the snow comes...speaking of snow I bought some hot chocolate today...well I better get going!

With love,
10 October 2011 @ 09:47 pm
Heh...another game post... Along with this being the first one posted before 11:55!
Also short and sweet. -stabs the last drabble 37 times-
Hope you like this one Ri-chan!

Pairing: Kiru x Latheal
Prompt: apple

Latheal sat at the onyx granite bar. She'd just gotten out of bed and was enjoying her first cup of coffee on the day. Her long raven hair was braided to one side. She wore a pair of a shorts and a tank top  with a  long loose sleeved shirt. She froze when she suddenly felt the heat of something behind her. Latheal turned around just to come face to face with Kiru. Kiru was shirtless and now leaning towards her. Her breath caught in her throat while her heart danced. His lips were almost touching hers. She parted her lips as as a gasp slipped out. Latheal bit her lip to close her mouth. Kiru chuckled snagged an apple from the basket behind her before standing up straight. "What? I only wanted an apple." he said with laughter in his tone before turning to leave.
09 October 2011 @ 11:55 pm
I absolutely love HC ^^ and so does my Best friend.
Despite Latheal and Kiru being her favorite I find she has a 
delicious crack obsession with Kiru and Naru. ;}

Yaoi fangirls unite!

Pairing: Kiru x Naru
Prompt: Dream

Kiru groaned as he sat at the foot of his bed. As he'd come into the room he had tossed his shirt off and had taken the first aid kit out of the bathroom to bandage himself up. At this moment his arms were sore and stung like a bitch when he tried to bend them. So he sat there waiting and thought about how stupid he'd been earlier this week. He'd messed up in one of the training sessions and caused Snake a scratch. That had pissed Latheal off and now he was subjected to her tort...training for eight hours a day. Right now he was only bleeding a little bit from around his neck, chest, and back. Latheal had beaten him good especially in the session arenas. She spared nothing.  As his thoughts were collecting about his training sessions this week until he heard the bedroom door open. Kiru didn't move. By the sudden wave of a sandalwood and vanilla he knew who it was. "What do you want Naru?" asked Kiru in a more harsh tone than he had wanted. 
"I thought I'd help you clean those wounds." answered Naru as he came into the room. When he came into view Naru's cropped messy golden blond hair was a bit damp. The blond was wearing a loose long sleeved shirt with jeans. Kiru chuckled before Naru began examining his body for where he needed to attend to.  Naru found that there was a jagged somewhat deep scratch around his arm due to Latheal's spiked whip. 
"With this one I'll need to wrap this one. I won't be able to lick it shut. So you will need to see Julianna some time soon." informed Naru before he began with the cleanser and gauze. They sat the re in silence while Naru wrapped him up. Naru was finished wrapping his wound up when he noticed that Kiru was staring at him. For once he was naturally nervous around Kiru. There were only few times like this that he was.  When Kiru started at him like he was right now it reminded him of their child hood before everything had gone to hell. Naru chuckled to try and ease his nerves before speaking. "There you go..." he began but was stopped when Kiru grasped the front of his loose sweater pulling him closer. He stopped when Naru's taut stomach was mere inches from his face. Kiru looked up into his large emerald eyes.
"Where do you think you're going?" 
"I was..." Naru began but was stopped once more by Kiru pulling his sweater down sharply taking him with it. When his face was inches away from Kiru's face. A smirked crossed the older demon's face.
"I asked you where you're going?" inquired Kiru a moment before it hit Naru what Kiru meant. He leaned in closing the space between them. The moment Naru's soft lips touched Kiru's the kiss went from chaste to passionate in seconds. Kiru's hands clung to Naru's hips pulling him onto him causing them to fall on the bed. Naru stopped the kiss to strip himself of his sweater. The moment his lips connected with Kiru's, Kiru wrapped his arms around him closing the space between them before flipping them. Once the blond beauty was beneath him the kiss began to turn into a rough case of tongue and nipping. Naru's nails digging into his neck and skull. Kiru's hands began to slide down Naru's hips and ...
Kiru shot up sraight up. His eyes wide and his vision blurry from waking so suddenly. He brought his hand to cover his mouth to silence the panting. He closed his eyes a couple of times to rid him of blurriness. He brought his knee's up a bit and rested his face in his hand. Kiru licked his dry lips. The touch of his tongue against his lips brought the dream back loud and clear. He gritted his jaw as he realized the state of the rest of his body. That dream had a been a little too realistic and had affected his body. He knew it would take more than a shower to get rid of that dream. 

08 October 2011 @ 11:55 pm
My Chrome kept freezing. I didn't know if I'd make it tonight ;__;
But thankfully I did. So let the sweet drabble commence!  

Okay...so I think this is a stretch >>; Is that Latiru or not? Is it more Snaru?

Pairing: Kiru x Latheal 
Prompt: Loose

Last week, all four of the lovebirds had decided play a love 
game with each other. Basically to test their tolerance for 
suggestive teasing. The goal is to push them to the point 
of making the desired marked response.

At the moment this test occurred, Kiru was sitting in one of the arm
chairs in the library. He had a nice book by Alyss Preiss. He was so
distracted by her elegant writing that he hadn't realized that Latheal
was in the room til he felt the warmth of his hand on his neck. His
breath caught in his chest. Her hands moved around his neck; which
was sore from the angle that he'd put his head while reading.
In a few seconds he dropped his head letting her know to knead 
deeper into his neck and shoulders. The deeper the kneading the more 
he lowered the book and with each drop a smirk slid across Latheal's face.
A few moments later her hands stilled as an almost inaudible moan escaped
between Kiru's lips. One of his hands instantly covered his mouth as a blush
formed. Latheal removed her hands and leaned down whispering in his ear.
"You loose." she whispered with a taunt before leaving the library.

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08 October 2011 @ 02:20 pm
Okay, first off stop reflecting your won bullshit existence onto me. I'll have you know my best friend kick ass. She's loyal, kind, and understanding. Your best friend... Oh wait you don't have do you? You chased her away by saying she was younger than you and she has so many flaws. Well, I tell you what. My best friend is a year older than me and her flaws are apart of her charm. >> I mean seriously? How dare you talk smack about my best friend when you drove yours away? 

Yes, you evil wench keep your distance from today >> or I'll take this letter opener and stab stuck up face.

~Rant end...the rest of the day will be glorious like it was yesterday...goes to join the buddy system on Aarinfantasy's forum~
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07 October 2011 @ 11:53 pm
I thought about this prompt while watching
the newest episode of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. 
I also got inspiration from the last time Naru got drunk and I cut him off. ROTFL!

Pairing: Kiru x Latheal x Naru x Snake
Prompt: Bar

Latheal raised a brow in annoyance at the human who had just
entered the club. She had clung to Kiru outside. Clearly she was
drunk but that didn't stop the violent green now black monster of
jealously. Kiru and her had only just started dating. So it was to
be expected and it didn't help that Kiru hadn't instantly tossed
her aside. Instead he had gently let her go and the bitch had
come back to taunt him...her more with her perfect baggage 
free life and had kissed Kiru before slinking away.

So, now at the bar a few minutes later she watched as the
slut walked to the bar. She had a pleased smile on her
face. All Latheal could of was smashing that easily broken
skull. She rolled her eyes as she felt the warm rich
smell of wine on her neck. 
"Be nice." he said as the woman came to stand beside 
Latheal while facing the bar. While Latheal stood facing
the opposite direction. Latheal was about to let it go when 
the woman turned, smirked, and chuckled sarcastically before
turning her head to face the bartender; who was now standing 
in front of her. In a flash Latheal shifted her stance and took hold
of a wad of the girls scrunched up hair before slamming her head
into the bar. As soon as she heard the crunch of skull meeting
granite she let go; the woman fell in a heap. Latheal turned smiling
at Naru. The blond was staring at her. "What? You said behave and I am.
Just Solaris style." At that she walked past him to the VIP booth that Snake
was at and Naru stood there shaking his head while smiling before turning to join
the two in the booth.

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06 October 2011 @ 11:46 pm
This prompt is something I use 
myself to explain things that no one 
really needs to know about :3 Hope you like it dear! Along with Neko Naru!

Pairing: Kiru x Latheal x Naru
Prompt: Fell

Latheal raised a brow to sight before her. In the middle of hallway outside of Naru's study was 
Kiru laying on the ground. She bit her lip as she walked down the hallway. Along the way her high heeled boots
made a soft clicking sound on the alabaster floor. On her torso was a white tank and her hips had ripped bleach stained
jeans. Her long raven hair was down for once. She came to a stop about a foot from him before she knew realized 
that he was out cold and there was a faint smell of blood.

"What happened to you?" Latheal as she squatted down in front of the passed out Kiru.
She hadn't noticed the door to Naru's study open. So, when he spoke she was a little taken back.

"He fell." answered Naru. He was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. The blond bombshell was
wearing a  dark teal silk shirt with black pants. His golden hair tossed to its usual cropped sexiness.

"What he do to deserve this fate?" Latheal smirked as she stood up. 

"All you need to know is that he fell and he deserved it." replied Naru as he turned and went into the study. 
Latheal chuckled as she walked further down the hallway to Snake and Naru's room.

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05 October 2011 @ 11:57 pm
Heh...too much starfighter and Junjou Terrorist this week X3

Pairing: Kiru x Latheal
Prompt: Lick

Latheal tilted her head a bit as she walked into the armory. She watched as Kiru laid a gun down then picked up another and began taking the gun a part to clean it. A little bit of curosity sparked when she didn't recognize the gun as she approached the table. Kiru didn't look over at her as she walked around the table and stood across from him. "Do you need something?"
Latheal grinned, "Nope, just wanted to see what you were doing." As she spoke she eyed the gun. When Kiru didn't say anything about the gun she reached over and picked up.
"It's Julianna's modified Jericho." Kiru responded as she looked at the gun. Latheal narrowed her gaze.
"I know what it is."
"Then why are you looking at it like I've never seen it before?"
"Did you ever think that maybe I was looking at to see if I wanted it..." Latheal asked sarcastically as she raised a brow at Kiru. 
"That's mine..." he said without thinking. Latheal grinned and licked down the side of the barrel before putting it in her thigh holster. "Now, it's mine."

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